Fathers Day – Wine is a perfect gift

Forget the soap on a rope and ties this Father’s Day, if you are seeking inspiration to show your father you are thinking of him then why not buy him a bottle of quality wine? Wine is an ideal gift as you can give him something with style and flair.

A bottle of wine is a versatile gift as it can be enjoyed on opening (lucky you, if you are there) or cellared for a later special occasion. When selecting a wine for your father, do a bit of research on his preferred variety and style and then make an informed and educated choice. Here are some tips that may help with your selection.

Does he love a party? Then perhaps a premium sparkling wine is the best choice for him. A Yarra Burn Premium Cuvee Brut could be the answer.  Is he a deep thinker? Why not try a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon such as the Xanadu 2009 – an outstanding choice to ponder upon.

Perhaps he is a sun worshiper. Sitting sunning himself on the deck with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc such as the Bream Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2011 would make any afternoon slip pleasantly by. Or maybe he loves a large gathering. Then perhaps a mixed dozen could make the next family get together a barrel of fun.

Throw away the traditional father’s day ideas – at least for this year – and buy him something he deserves (and you can afford) – great quality online wine.

Australian Wine

Enjoying the Body, Balance, Weight and Length of Wine

 Appreciating wine can be as simple as the sheer enjoyment of opening a bottle to share with friends or family over a meal, for a relaxed chat or for a celebration. As wine is a traditional festive drink for all manner of occasions, we happily mark the event by opening a sparkling, a red or a white wine.

While some want to enjoy the occasion and savour the taste of the wine, others love to delve into its complexities and explore all aspects of the wine. Below we explain some common wine terms so they are easily understood if you hear them in a wine conversation – or perhaps you want to take on the exciting world of analyzing wine yourself. The best way to practice is to open a good quality Australian wine and go through the terms below with each sip. (We recommend this as an exercise with others!)

Balance: When a wine is balanced this means there is harmony between the wine’s concentration of acidity, tannin, alcohol levels, sweetness and dryness. This means not one taste or flavor overpowers another. An unbalanced wine is unpleasant to drink and sharp in the mouth.

Weight: A wine’s weight is about how light or heavy it feels in the mouth. This is known as mouthfeel. A wine is weighty if it feels heavy in the mouth, light if it feels wispy and feathery in the mouth. Medium bodied is somewhere in between.

Body: This is also determined by how it feels in the mouth. Does it feel thick and rich or watery and flat? Is it quite alcoholic? Is it dense? It is often used to describe a wine’s alcohol content – a full-bodied wine is high in alcohol with rich, fruity flavours.

Length: This is the lingering aftertaste once the wine is swallowed. It also includes the aroma of the wine as well as individual flavours that stay on the tongue. A wine with a good length lingers for a long time after swallowing which indicates a quality wine.

But most of all enjoy your wine and enjoy learning!

The James Halliday Wine Seal of Approval

One of the doyen’s of the Australian wine industry is James Halliday. His name is synonymous with wine making and wine judging. The score he awards wines listed in his popular annual publication, the James Halliday Australian Wine Companion and website www.winecompanion.com.au are eagerly anticipated by winemakers and wine buyers alike as each seek the James Halliday wine seal of approval.

Our selection of online wines is presented with Halliday’s score accompanying the wine profile. To us, this means our customers know exactly what they are buying – a top quality wine at a fantastic price all with the convenience of being delivered straight to you.

If James Halliday is a name new to you, he is a much respected and admired wine critic and vigneron whose career spans more than 40 years. He is perhaps best known for his informative and incisive wine writing as he has been a writer for the Weekend Australian since 1984 and regularly writes for Decanter, Gourmet, and Epicurean. He has won many journalism awards and is in high demand as a wine judge in Australia and overseas.

The James Halliday Australian Wine Companion is released each year and is the Number 1 bestselling guide to wineries and wine in Australia. It is an indispensable reference for all enthusiasts of Australian wine and is a must have for anyone planning to visit a wine-growing region or to replenish their cellar or wine rack.